What is a Domain name (DNS) Domain name system or server ?

This is the first step you must take to establish a successful Bright Designs website.

A Domain Name (DNS) is your piece of real estate on the Internet and it allows you to promote your products and services on-line, so even when you sleep, your business is working for you.

Domain Name

Domain names serve as humanly-memorable names for internet participants, like computers, networks and services. A domain name represents an internet Protocol (IP) resource.

The only way to ensure your business name is available on the Internet, or to have an e-mail address for yourself and your staff in your business name is to register your Domain Name.

How do i register my Domain name ?

To find your domain name and register your domain name before somebody else does, ask Bright Designs Websites.

If you are having your website designed by Bright Designs websites, you don't need to worry about this, we will register the domain name for you.

Check your domain name is available by emailing [email protected]

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