Getting your business online is exciting, but can also be overwhelming. The team at Bright Designs Websites understand that getting your Website up and running can be difficult, and often stressful, which is why we would help you every step of the way. We will manage most of the steps for you with your input of course. Before we talk about the process of getting your Bright Designs Website online, it is important you understand a few basics about Bright Designs Website design.

Web Designs

(1) Professional Website Design

Your Bright Designs Website must be clean, easy to read and navigate, so your visitors can easily find what they are looking for.

Whilst it is ok to include one or two special effects, such as flash animations, keep away from effects that take too long to download or that require visitors to install additional software which will cause them to leave your page.

(2) Website Content

While it is important that your Bright Designs Website looks clean and professional, it is far more important that you concentrate your efforts on the content of your website.

You need to provide your visitors with all the information they may possibly need to make a decision to buy from you.

If your potential customers can't find what they are looking for, they will click away and go to another website in most cases they will not bother to call you to find out what they want to know.

Focus on your customers and their needs. Rather than trying to “sell your business”, let your prospects know how your product/service is going to benefit them. Emphasize the benefits and solve problems.

Make this the focus of everything you write on every page of your site. Don’t try to sell visitors your products or service, but provide solutions that would be beneficial to them.

(3) Search Engines

When planning your Bright Designs Website, keep the Search Engines in mind. Search engines try to list sites that contain relevant content, so you need keywords and phrases on your pages that best describe your service and products.

Once you decide on the keywords, use them in:

  • Your website’s domain name
  • The title of your page – This is displayed in the top bar of your browser window
  • The heading of your home page
  • The first paragraph of your home page
  • Meta tags – Keywords, page title, description
  • Titles of your graphics

These are the basic things you need to understand about your Bright Designs Website, and we will ensure to make the process of getting your business up and running as smooth as possible.

Domain NameThis is the first step you must take to establish a successful Bright Designs website.

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